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"Taking Youth To New Heights Through Music"

Hip-Hop On L.O.C.K strives to take youth to new heights through music throughout Western Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. For all questions or comments please contact us at

"Taking Youth To New Heights Through Music"

Hip Hop On L.O.C.K. is one of Greater Pittsburghs premier mentoring and arts education programs. The program shows the ability to identify and connect with youths ages 8-18, and teaches relevant life-long skills such as Leadership development, Organizational skills in addition to Cooperative economics and Knowledge of the music business that can be applied to everyday situations as well as math, science and literacy.

Hip Hop On L.O.C.K. is designed so that students come together to form a mock record label charged with creating a music CD from conception to completion. To make this CD a reality, each student holds an executive position in the label and they work together to write, produce, record, mix master and develop their project.

Throughout the program the students are involved in intense workshops like Math in the Music, Sonic Science and Unlock that utilize english skills that go into creating quality music. They interact with professional artists such as DJs, MCs, Break dancers and Graffiti artists that provide the historic components of HIp-Hop.

In addition to all of this hard work, the students meet with a professional photographer for a full photo shoot and a professional graphic designer to assist the students in designing their album cover and other marketing materials.

Of course Hip Hop On L.O.C.K. is not just about the glam of the music industry. Its about being a good member of the community. As part of the program, students choose a non-profit cause to give back and complete a Throwback in the name of that cause. Through this, students learn that to be a good member of a community you have to be active in the community.

Upon completion of the program, students have a graduation ceremony where they not only receive certificates of completion, but where they share their work with their friends, families and the community through a live performance.

As a result of Hip Hop On L.O.C.K., students will have gained a full understanding of the art of Hip Hop as well as the entry-level skills needed to operate a business of their own.

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